Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Shut Up Juice....You Taste Devine!!!

If you're not aware of what "shut up juice" is, let me give you a brief description. "Shut up juice" is when you've been put in your place. If you've ever been put in your place, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Let's face it, every now and again, we all need to be put in our place, brought back to reality, or metaphorically "slapped around" a little bit!

Tonight, my friends, I was dealt "shut up juice" by a children's book. Yes, a CHILDREN'S BOOK! Every night we read Emily a story before we say her prayers and put her to bed. The book she picked tonight was about complaining. For the past couple of days, if you are in my inter circle, you know I've been on a complaining rampage! I've started a diet, my kids have been sick, I haven't gotten enough know, real problems! Oh, it's so sad to say that I thought those were problems. They're nothing compared to what some of you face or have faced in the past.

In the mist of all the complaining, I had forgotten about all the good things! For example, I got to spend an afternoon with my oldest daughter, just the two of us, and that doesn't get to happen much! I got to see some friends that I don't always get to see and that was nice. And the fact that I have people to listen to me complain and love me anyway....well, that's just icing on the cake (cake that I can't eat because, did I mention, I'm on a diet! Just kidding. That was just a little diet humor.)

Well, now that I've been brought down to reality, I would like to apologize to those of you that have experienced my complaining first hand. Chris, Mother, and Maggie....I will try to do better.

Really, no one should be complaining when you've got these little faces to look at!

I would love to hear of anytime you've been dealt "shut up juice". Come on, you know it's happened to you. It's okay...we've all been there!