Thursday, March 18, 2010

What We've Been Up To These Days

Other than going to see Baby Kate and eating with a few friends, we've been up to a whole lot of nothing. Emily has been out of school this week for Spring Break, so we've kind of had the week to do what ever we want. Which like I said....was not much of anything. We just kind of fly-by- the-seat of our pants when it comes to our daily routine.

We had a little craft time. Emily likes to make masks to wear. How do you like her dress? We bought it at the Thrift Store for her to play in and she always wants to wear it out and about. Well, lets just say I win that argument.

Gracie was giving Emily her "mean" face because she wasn't sharing the crayons very well. Gracie will point and say "cray".

She got over it pretty fast!

Gracie yells "wa" every time I get a drink so I finally just gave in and got me another cup. We all were happier after that!

We had a little makeup time. Emily loves to use the eyeshadow!

Okay, Chris and I have been watching Clean House on the Style Network. They had this special on the messiest house in America. Man, there are some days I feel like they are talking about my house! But let me tell you I don't have ANYTHING on these people! Look at the picture below! This was the basement of the messiest house and they could barely walk around down there!!! The upstairs looked just as bad! They rented a 7000 sq. ft. building (that's a guess on the size, but I know it was somewhere close) to have the yard sale in! They made $17,000 at this yard sale! Can you believe it!
This is the before

This is the after!

Well, the point I'm trying to make with all this is that we have too much stuff! Stuff that we don't even use! So today I cleaned out a few closets and the bathroom cabinets. Everything is nice and organized (at least on my side of the closet, but I won't EVEN go there)! But the hardest part was keeping the kids entertained while I cleaned. Emily was a big help. She helped me sort out makeup that I never wear, and she really racked up with some new makeup to play with.

Gracie had to be put in "baby jail", as Emily calls it. There was just no possible way to have all my stuff everywhere and Gracie not to make it worse. I gave her a sucker and turned on The Wiggles and all was well until I gathered everything back up. That is until she tried to get in Em's new makeup stash, and lets just say it wasn't pretty!

Oh well, more cleaning to come. I try to pace myself. HaHa!

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  1. Love that you let Emily play with your *real* makeup. I'll bet she thought she was in heaven!

    That basement...oh my word. And the AFTER picture is amazing!

    Your girls are adorable!