Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Last night, Chris and I got to do something we haven't done in a long time. Almost 2 years to be exact! We went to eat with our good friends, and old neighbors, Andy and Stephanie. We all couldn't believe it had been that long! The first thing we said when we moved to our new house was that we were going to stay in touch....and we have by phone, but Andy and Steph having a school aged child changed everything! There's always baseball, football, or basketball to compete with and there are just not enough days in a week to do it all. Our day is coming soon! That's why we were looking so forward to seeing them. It's just been too long!
They were the best neighbors!!! One time Chris was having to work out of town and Andy mowed our grass (and I was so glad he was looking bad). Another time I was out of toilet paper and I didn't want to go Walmart right then, so I borrowed a roll form them. Now that's a good friend! We talked about planning a trip together soon and I can't wait!
Okay, on another note, I'm not lovin' my hair! When I first got it cut, I did. But it grows so fast that it really won't keep the shape I want for long. I hate to say it but I think that I'm going to let it grow out again. You just can't beat a pony tail! Chris likes it long and big! I vowed never to have big hair again because to be honest, I held onto it the first time way longer than I should have.
Anyway, I hope y'all are having a good week! The weekend is almost here! I'm so ready for New Moon!

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  1. Great friends are priceless!!!

    I love your hair, but I guess we are hardest on ourselves! Maybe some layers?