Monday, March 29, 2010

What We've Been Up To Since My Last Post

Okay, it's been over a week since my last post and I can't believe how fast it has gone by!!! We've been very busy though! Let me just give you a run down. First, we went to see Baby Kate.

I went to dinner with friends. And we just did our basic things to get through the day! Taking baths, brushing teeth, you know...the regular drill.

We made a trip to the doctor. Gracie had another ear infection.

We played outside a lot!!!! It was warm some of the time! As you can see we made a run by Sonic. Gracie loves the ice there.

Got me a new camera strap. I wanted one that was a little more springy. I know this strap could go either way (spring or fall), but the main reason I chose it was because Emily had an outfit made out of the same material.

I kind of feel like Scarlett O'Hara with her dress made out of the curtains! I can assure you the strap was not made from Emily's outfit. I got it at

We went shopping two days in a row! I was so happy that I finally found me a few dresses! The first day we went shopping it was just me and the girls and we had the best day!!! Everyone was so happy and content! But on the second day, it was kind of the anti-best day. My mother went with me and I know she was worn slap out after helping me with the girls(who were no longer happy and content). I'm just happy to spend some time with my mom, so even thought it was crazy, I had a good time.
We played outside some more. It's amazing how the weather changes from day to day!!! We are ready for the warm weather to get here and stay!!!

We cooked a little supper. Emily actually cooked it! All I did was brown the hamburger. I must say, Emily and I had the best conversations yesterday. I wish I could have recorded everything she said! And Gracie did the sweetest thing at the table last night. We kind of ate in shifts last night, but at some point we were all at the table at the same time. Gracie stuck out her hand and asked for my hand. When she took my hand, she bowed her head, jibber jabbered, and then said "Amen". She did that several times. It was just the sweetest thing!

I also did a little exercising! And I didn't post this last Thursday, but I lost 2.4 lbs! So I've lost right at 9 lbs!! Now only 16 more to go!!!

Thanks for letting me catch up! I always feel like I'm running behind!! Now to get ready for April 15th!!! UGH!!!!


  1. I love your BASIC day...busy!! busy!!

    Baby Kate is precious...and so are your girls!