Monday, April 5, 2010

Bathing Beauties

We started our day out with the breakfast of champions! I had egg whites and peanut butter toast and Gracie had a cupcake.

Then we headed outside for a photo shoot. I found an old outfit of Emmy's that I had totally forgotten about. It looked so cute on Gracie. I'm thinking we may need a different color bow though.

On the way home from picking up Emily, we rode around the neighborhood with Emily hanging out the sunroof of the car. Don't worry, I only went 5 miles an hour.

Future Miss Alabama!

It was down right hot today, so the girls and I ran to Dollar General and grabbed a sprinkler. Gracie wasn't too sure about it at first, but she warmed up to the idea after awhile.

I'm glad Emily can't read because I hate this bathing suit and she totally loves it. Yes, I bought it, but I never thought it would be her "go to " bathing suit. But despite the suit, I still think she looks cute.

I hope the weather is as beautiful tomorrow as it has been today! And please let it be that way on Thursday!


  1. It was VERY hot in Alabama today, but I loved it :)
    Gracie looks so cute in her watermelon suit

  2. So adorable!! Don't you love how happy a little water makes children? Bring on the sprinkler!! Oh, and I LOVE the smocked outfit!