Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Week

The past couple of days have been very busy for us. The day I have dreaded since they wheeled me through the hospital doors holding Emily in my arms has finally arrived. We registered Emily for "big school". Kindergarten is looming in the wings like a bad rash, but seriously what can you do about it? Just embrace it as the right of passage that it is (this is totally how I talk myself out of crying every time I think about it)!

Tuesday was spent mostly getting our things in order. We went to get Emily's shots. Let me just tell you, you couldn't pay me enough to give little kids shots!!! But with the help of our favorite nurse Joan, Emily did just fine.

Because Emily did so well with her shots, she got to pick supper. Cheese pizza...big shock there!

Wednesday, we went to register Em for school. I was excited to see so many of her preschool friends there. I hope she has some familiar faces in her room on her first day.

Shawna and Em

Today Emily had a dentist appointment that went wonderfully! She went back with the nurse all by herself and the best part.. NO CAVITIES!!! Gracie ran around like she owned the place. She went behind the counter and sat with the receptionist. They gave her balloons and all kinds of stuff. Now the rest of the afternoon was not as smooth. Not even close! Em had a STAGE 4 fit(stage 5 being the worst it can get) in Target and I'll spare you the rest of the gory details because it was bad. But we made it through and as they say..."the rest is history".

Oh yeah, I wanted to take the girls pictures in their new dresses before we got home. We have a Robert Trent Jones golf course close to where we live so I thought that would be a great place. When I stopped to scout out a location, I noticed a big pretty fountain in the middle of the front pond and all I could do is in envision myself trying to keep Gracie out of the water, so I decided on something different. Plus I didn't know how I was going to get a picture of them without the huge "No Trespassing" sign being in the shot, so we went down the road a little bit to a gift shop that my former high school teacher owns. She had a pretty iron bench on the porch and I thought it would workout fine. As you could see, Gracie was not having any of it. She was way overdue for a nap.

I just couldn't get the shots I wanted, so I decided to cut my losses. We'll try again soon.

We've made it to bedtime, so I think I might sit back and enjoy the quite.

Later all!

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