Sunday, May 2, 2010

Awana Year Ender

Our Awana year is coming to a close and we celebrated by having a cookout and fun night last Wednesday. Here are a few pictures. We've had a great year this year! We saw four young people get saved!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Gracie feeding Sophie Clare

Lindsey and Sophie Clare

Em lovin' the slide

SC playing peek-a-boo!

Em and Katie

Uncle Jamie swinging Em on the tire swing. I don't know which one is having more fun!!

Gracie swinging like a big girl and saying "cheese".

Braden on the move.

Our former neighbor Colton. I can't believe how tall he has gotten! Next time he and his sister come to stay with us, he'll be able to drive himself. I don't' know if he's close to driving age, but he sure looks like it!

Like I said, just a few pics. I hope y'all don't mind the commentary with every picture. I know y'all are a smart bunch and can tell what's going on, but I just like to say a few words.
Hopin' for a Happy Monday for you all!

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