Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robin's Graduation

I mean it y'all, there are graduations all over the place! Emily graduated preschool last week and my niece Robin graduated kindergarten this week. I'm tellin' you, time is just flying on by!!! It seems like just yesterday Robin started kindergarten!

I have never been to a graduation that was so hot and crowded. Robin goes to the elementary school that I went to, and let me tell you, there are two things that my hometowners will go to.....that is any high school sporting event and a graduation. Age doesn't matter!!!! It was so nice to see so many familiar faces! Whether it be people I went to school with or teachers I had, it was just nice to see everyone!

Gracie wasn't all that excited about the seating situation! We were all stacked on top of one another. I want to say thanks again to the lady that sat in front of us. Gracie kicked her the whole time (and I apologized the whole time) and she never complained. It takes a special lady to be that gracious. But other than the heat and the crowd, I had a wonderful time. Robin is so beautiful and smart. To me this is just her time to shine!

Robin saying the pledge.

Getting ready to get her diploma.

I went to school with Robins teacher. She is so sweet and I'm glad they had a good year together.

My brother Jeff, Robin, and Tessa

Me and the girls. I look like I'm holding on to Emily for dear life!

Gran and the girls

Robin took Emily and showed her around a bit. When I saw this picture, I wished so bad that they could go to school together.
Gran and G-Daddy and their girls.

After the ceremony, we had dinner at Jacks (one of only four restaurants in the immediate area). We had a good time, but to be honest, I'm glad we don't have anymore of these things to go to until next year! Although these things are fun, they are only a reminder of how fast life goes by! I love you Robin! We are very proud of you!!!

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