Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gulf Shores Day 2

Oh y'all, I've been having computer problems!!! I've been trying to work on the layout of my know, spice it up a little. As you can tell, I've not had much luck, and the worst part of it is that my computer has been getting slower and slower. Last night it just quit! But never fail, computer literate husband is here!!! He fixed it and now all is good!!! But I have decided I don't have time to spice up my blog myself, so I have incorporated a little help from Designed by Leslie. I hope to have a new look in a couple of weeks and I am SO READY!!!

Anyway, back to the beach! Our second day was much like the first. Get up, grab a bite to eat, and head to the beach. As soon as we got there, the girls wanted to go to the pool. Chris and I are beach people, so we persuaded them to stay a little longer before heading to the pool.

I'm usually always behind the camera(especially when there's a bathing suit involved..yikes), but I got Em to get a shot of me and Gracie. Pretty good for a 4 year old if I do say so myself!

Okay, so I remembered that I had forgotten Emily's floaties right after we got on the road to head to the beach. We stopped by Target to pick some up. I didn't know whether to get Gracie a pair or not, so Chris talked me into buying these because they were on clearance. I'm glad they were cheap because they sure are ugly and Gracie didn't like them much. Oh well, to quote Theodore Roosevelt (random, I know) "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have". And that's just what we did.

When I was talking about the beach with Emily, I tried to tell her of all the places we like to eat and things we like to do. Lambert's has always been one of my very favorite places to eat. Tonight I heard someone at church compare it to Cracker Barrel, but I think it's much better. It's kind of like Cracker Barrel on steroids! Anyway, their big thing is to throw homemade rolls at you. Sometimes form across the room! We started talking about where we wanted to eat for dinner at lunch everyday and when we asked Emily where she wanted to go, she said "Rolls-A-Million"! I just died! I guess I talked about those rolls way too much!

All Emily and Gracie had to eat that night was okra and bread, but they sure enjoyed it!

They have these old wooden trains out front, so of course we had to play on those for awhile.

I had also told Emily about the Ferris wheel that they have in Orange Beach at The Wharf. So on our way there, we stopped by the beach for a little photo session. I took a TON of pictures, but got very little that were any good. Here's a few, but believe me, I'll put more in a couple of days.

The wind caught Gracie's bow.

Okay, so the Ferris wheel is pretty amazing! Very pretty at night. All the talk I did about Emily riding it and I had forgotten that I would have to get on it too!!! I had a slight flip out, but pulled through nicely. We got to the very top and the girls wanted to walk around the little bucket we were sitting in. I forcefully told everyone to sit down and enjoy the ride! And as it came out of my mouth, I realized how panicked I was. Chris looked at me and we just started cracking up!
When I was younger, heights didn't bother me, but now the ground is my best friend!!!

Stay tuned! Still more of the same to come!!!

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  1. Emily's bathing suit is way cute!! It looks like you guys had a great time!! That is a good pic of you and the girls!