Friday, May 28, 2010

A Birthday Get Together and A Do Nothing Day

Thursday night we went to my in-laws house to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. Her birthday was actually Monday, but she was a little under the weather, so we celebrated last night. She called me earlier in the day to see if one or both of the girls could come over for a visit. I quickly said both because my house was in serious need of cleaning...the floors being the absolute worst! So they went to visit, I finished cleaning and then ran by and grabbed dinner for everyone. After we ate, the girls were ready to head outside.
Maggie, Cheryl, and Chris

Chris and Sally. She's been on the scene longer than I have!

My niece Sophie Clare is just a little monkey!!! I think she would climb a ladder if given half a chance!

Emily wasn't in the best of moods. Or at least she wasn't by the time I got there. This is the only picture I have of her smiling.

Please excuse Gracie's face! It's good and dirty!

Chris looks fired up! He's always playing and wrestling with the girls and sometime they don't know when to quit!

Today we were suppose to meet my SIL Tessa and my niece Robin at the sprinklers downtown. But Robin woke up with a stomach virus, so we had to cancel our plans for now. So the girls headed outside and I hooked up our sad little sprinkler. It's much better than last year's sprinkler but no where near as good as the one downtown. All they wanted to do is drink the water!

If our neighbor ever sees us outside he brings the girls Popsicles. So as you can imagine the girls love Eddie!

After all the sprinkler fun we could handle, we made an impromptu run to Walmart. The girls were in their PJ's! I know, I'm a terrible mother, but I just couldn't see myself going to all the trouble for literally a 5 minute trip. When we got home, I put Gracie to bed and Emily and I made a cake. She said the funniest things today. She said that when she turns 16 that she will babysit Gracie so that Chris and I could go on a date. I can't even imagine that right now! She asked me what else she could do at 16, and I told her about driving. She then said that she would drive Gracie to school for me. (just put me in the loony bin now!!)

Okay, our arts and crafts time was a little sad looking, but Emily loved it! She was hammering thumb tacks into a Capri Sun box.

By 6:30 tonight I was all out of ideas, so the girls got in a bubble bath. Gracie loved it!

For it to be a "do nothing day" we sure were busy. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Cute pictures. The sprinklers would have been nice here today, it is so hot already. Have a great weekend!