Tuesday, July 13, 2010


 I hope everyone out there has had a good Tuesday!  We have had two very low key days.  My goal was to get up and go vote, but I did not exercise my civic duty today.  I have been sorting the girl's clothes trying to figure out what I needed to buy and I came to the conclusion.....nothing.  Emily is definitely going to need school clothes and shoes, but other than that we are mostly set.  I could have a huge yard sale with the stuff that Gracie has grown out of.  But I usually just talk big about yard sales....I hate having them. 

The girls tried on clothes most of the morning.  Gracie was all for it at first, but soon grew tired.  When she finally got loose, she walked around with this camera saying "Cheeseburgers".   

My cousin Jenny and I were talking the other night about how everything seems to happen faster with the second child.  Like sitting up, crawling, walking, and in Gracie's case, talking.  She is almost 2, but she had been talking like this for awhile.   The kid can say just about anything.  When I'm cooking supper or in the other room away from them, every few minutes I will say, "Are y'all okay?"  Tonight I was in the kitchen and I heard Gracie come down the hall and yell, "You okay Momma!"  Apparently she thought I had waited to long to check on her.  What a funny, funny girl she is!

As you can see I had a mess.  I'm not the best at being organized, but I tried real hard today.  FYI....this was before the organization began. 

Things are much better now.  All nice and neat.

Have a good night y'all!


  1. Organizing closets is one of my LEAST favorite things to do!
    Especially K's because all the clothes are so small, and she has sooo many - ha!

  2. Cheeseburger....made me smile, how adorable!!!