Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff

 Oh man, y'all, I have been dragging all day!!  Little Miss Gracie decided to wake up at midnight last night!  I laid down on the couch with her, and every hour on the hour, I woke up to check on her and she was wide awake!  Not complaining, just laying there looking around.  And today was not the day that we could be hampered by fatigue!  At 5 am, I put her in her bed, but I can't say that she was all that happy about being there.  I woke her up around 8 and we hit the floor running.  I had several errands to run and most importantly we had to make a trip to Walmart.  We haven't been in a whole week and I'm sure they were missing us.  

School Supplies!  That was at the top of our list today.  Our very first purchase was Emily's backpack.  I was a little bummed that she was required to have a clear backpack, but I was over the moon when I saw that they had a pink one.  Last year, my friend painted on a few clear backpacks and they were very cute, but my sister-in-law suggested that we have something vinyled on there.  And I think that is what we're going to do.  I wish I could have found her a pair of pink scissors, but that little voice inside told me to "get real".  But if I do run across a pair, I'm so getting them .
Emily wore the backpack all through the store! 

Today is my big brother Jeff's 40th birthday.  I really hope he had a great day.  I had ordered him the Lonesome Dove DVDs, but they didn't arrive in time for the party.  So this morning I decided to go get him a small gift so that he would have something to open on his birthday.  I settled on two Auburn shirts, and even though Emily was not at all fired up about buying him something Auburn, she made the final decision on which shirt to get.  And you know what she did?  As soon as we saw Jeff, she said "We got you an Auburn shirt, and I picked it out!"  That little stinker ratted me out!!!  But it was so funny!

This is what my Mother and Daddy got Jeff for his birthday.  I thought it was funny that Jeff is turning 40, and my parents are still buying him toys to play with.  He will definitely always be a kid at heart!

Mother made the girls these outfits so of course we had to get a picture. 

  Mother fixed Jeff's favorite meal for his birthday and it was sooooo good!

 Since I didn't sleep too well last night, I'm hitting the sack!!!

Night y'all!


  1. Crazy day, hopefully you will get some sleep tonight. Love the girls matchng outfits.

  2. LOVE the pink backpack and can't wait to see the finished product :) Pink is my absolute favorite color, I would totally be on a "manhunt" for pink scissors!!

    I have enjoyed keeping up with your family thus far and once again, I LOVE their big bows...I can't wait to have little girls to be able to put bows in their hair :)