Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Y'all

Man, time is flying by faster than I realize!  I looked and the last time I blogged was nearly a week ago,  I guess there just isn't a lot of excitement around here.

Emily went to spend the night with Granmother and Pop last Thursday, so Gracie and I spent two days together "just us".  It was fun due to the fact that for 2 days I didn't have to break up one argument, but it sure felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.  I miss Em so bad when she's not here. But Gracie made the best of it.  She played with all of her toys!

And jumped on her bed.  (excuse the dirty shirt. those Popsicles tend to drip)

It's strange at bedtime with just one child.  It's much easier!!  And you can judge me if you want to for the fact that Gracie is 2 and still takes a bottle at night, but I don't care.  It works for us!!

Emily came home Friday night, so Saturday morning we went shopping for Emily some school shoes.  They can only wear tennis shoes, so I hope Keds will do.  They are so pretty and white right now!  "Right Now" being the key words.  I'm sure they won't be for long. 

Saturday night, Chris and I took the girls on a date.  We went to eat and then went to Academy to walk around.  Gracie thinks she's just as big as anyone else and it's so funny to watch her.  Chris promised them that if they were good, that he would get them an ice cream on the way home.  Everyone was good, so we stopped at Sonic.  Emily wanted an ice cream cone and we got Gracie one too.  Big mistake!  We stopped to rent a movie on the way home. I went in to get the movie while leaving Chris on ice cream patrol in the car.  Well, I don't think he even tried to keep Gracie wiped up because when I got back to the car, she was covered in ice cream.  These pictures are before the mess.  (sorry for the blurriness. They are cell phone pictures)

Em's an expert at eating ice cream, so it may look like she made a mess but she didn't. 

Well, that about wraps up the weekend.  I hope everyone has a good Monday!!!

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