Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Table

Let me start by saying that I hate decorating! I'm not good at it and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. I see other people's houses and they seem to decorate with ease, but not me. Two years ago when we put our old house on the market, we sold it in a week and had to find a house ASAP. Did I tell you I was 8 months pregnant when we did that! Oh yes, just to add to the madness, I was 8 months pregnant. Chris and I looked at renting a house, but the ones we came across where less than desirable. So I went on a mad search to find a house. I stayed up late surfing the web trying to find houses we could afford. When I saw the picture of our house on the Internet, I thought "hey, it's pretty cute...we'll give it a shot!"

It was the last house we saw on a full day of looking at houses. We were so discouraged by what we had viewed earlier in the day that I thought, "This is going to be another dud!". But as soon as we walked in, it felt like home! There were a few things we wanted to change, like colors of rooms and the fact that it didn't have a garage, but over all we were very happy.

Now 2 years later, we only have 2 rooms painted!! It's a slow process but when you have two kids and a husband that owns his own business and works like a mad man (might I add, he does all the labor when it comes to any home repair) you take it how you can get it!

With all that being said, we are just now getting a table for the kitchen. We had one, but it wasn't the cutest. I've looked for one since we moved in, but I just couldn't find anything I liked. Several months ago, we went over to my friend Ashley's house, and there in her kitchen was the table I have been looking for! So this past Saturday we headed off to get one just like it. We also picked up a few bar stools. Chris and I laughed because when we first got married we bought the cheap stuff you had to put together when you got home. We paid for the table and pulled around to load it and it was all in boxes! We are still buying furniture that you have to put together! Just now, it's not cheap!!!

We have two more chairs that go at the table.

I invited my mother and daddy over to see it and I got tickled because everyone ate at the bar!

But I love having the bar stools so the girls can pull up and have a snack while I am cooking or doing the dishes.

We still have so much to do, but we are going to take our time. If you know any decorators out there that need a practice house to work on, tell them to give me a call!

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