Monday, July 5, 2010


Thursday. What a lame title for a post, but I'm back into the world of computer troubles, so I'm behind on blogging.
First of all, I hope everyone had a safe and happy July 4th. We sure did. We soaked up a few rays at the pool, and can you believe I didn't take one picture! My sis-in-law did, so I may snag a few from her for a post, that is if she doesn't care.
Secondly, I would like to wish a Happy Gotcha Day to some very sweet people we know, Ashley and Griff and their sweet little baby girl Mia. They are in China as we speak with their new little one, and I know they are counting the minutes until they can bring her home to their three boys. Ashley is the daughter of my most favorite teacher ever, Mrs Kelley, who is also with them in China. My husband services Ashley and Griff's heating and air conditioning and he thinks the world of them. So there is so much happiness in our hearts for this family and their new addition. Pleas pray for their safety while they are in China and for their safety on the way home. I have another adoption story that I hope to be telling you about soon, so stay tuned!

But back to Thursday. I had promised Emily that we would make pancakes, so that's what we did! I got tickled that Emily and I were the ones that made the pancakes.....

But Gracie was the one that needed the apron. She's too funny!

We played a little.

After that, we got ready and headed to find something to hang on the blank wall in the kitchen. I had found something that I liked, but at the time, I decided to wait about buying it, so I was crossing my fingers that it was still at the store. I was going to eat lunch with my friend Stephanie, but the babysitter called and her son was sick, so on very short notice I called my sis-in-law, Maggie, and she and Sophie Clare met us for lunch.

That night I met my friend Jamee for dinner at this Mexican restaurant called "Mexico Lindo", and it was wonderful!! It wasn't a very big place but it was decorated cute and I loved these lights that they had all over the ceiling.

Jamee ordered a bowl full of melted cheese with sausage in it. It had a much fancier name, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me. I mean seriously, what is better than melted cheese!

Jamee always has the best tan. She and I are usually "Ebony and Ivory"! When we left, we rode around singing with the radio and talking, not much different from they way it was in high school! Even down to the curfew! My mother and daddy had the girls and I told them that I would be home by 9:30. Which is sadly enough what my curfew was when I was in school. Mother and Daddy felt that the only thing you found after 9:30 or 10:00 was trouble! Oh how wise they were (and still are)!!!

Later all!!

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