Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet and Greet

Although today was the first day of school for most, it was just a meet and greet day for Emily.  It was the first day that she got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Martinez. 

If I would have wanted to get a picture of the girls together, they would have had NONE of it, but because I wanted to take a picture of  "just" Emily, Gracie was all about it.

The things that I remember about my first day of big school was that my jeans were DARK and my shoes were WHITE.  I just wanted to remember how Emily's shoes looked on the first day because I'm sure they won't be white for long! 

The Preschool Girls.  Emily was so excited to see her friends from Preschool.  McKenzie and McKenna.  They all are in different classes, but I'm sure they will run into each other at Recess.

As usual, Gracie thinks she's as big as everyone else!

When Dr. B started calling the classes out by teachers, the crowd slimmed down a lot.  Emily was able to find her friend Ali (also a preschool girl and also in Emily's room).  Emily held her hand all the way to the classroom.

Mrs. Martinez read the sweetest story called "The Kissing Hand".  I can't even go into it right now or I'll cry, but it was a great story as much for the parents as well and the kids. 

Before we left, Emily asked Mrs. Martinez if she knew were we lived.  Mrs. M said, "No, honey, I don't".  Emily then told her the name of the town where we live.  Mrs. M said, "I live in that town too".  Emily then told her, "We have a big house, but it's kind of messy".  Out of the mouths of babes!  Mrs. M goes to the same church that we are visiting, so there is no telling what she'll think of us by the time Emily finishes telling her all our family secrets!!!! 

We had a great afternoon.  Gracie took a really long nap, Emily actually rested for a long time, and I attacked that messiness that Emily was telling everyone about.  With Emily at school and while Gracie naps, I'm going to have a mass exodus of stuff!!!  That's my goal anyway. 

Onto the first official day of Kindergarten.  No tears!!!  I'm ready!  Oh, and Emily is too! 

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  1. I am so glad the first day went well! They looked adorable...I wonder how long I can get away with smocking with Gray? ha!