Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Accidents Happen

Our weekend started out pretty low key.  Gracie was having a few "stomach troubles" Saturday night into Sunday morning, so she and I stayed home from church while Chris and Emily went on.  We relaxed for most of the day, so that afternoon we went outside to play.  Gracie wasn't feeling her best, but she was okay enough to go out to play.  We played for a little bit then we walked over to see our neighbors new boat again.  Gracie, Emily and Landon (the neighbor's son) were sitting in the boat talking and Chris and I standing outside the boat.  Landon had this whistle with a cord on it that he and Emily had been playing with and I noticed it had a fishing lure on it.  About one second after I noticed it, Gracie fell into it and it went into her leg! 
As you can imagine, it got crazy after that.  Chris called 911 because he really didn't know what to do with her crying and going crazy. Chris held her for awhile and calmed her and I held her hand.  The paramedic said she would definitely need to go the Emergency room, but I really wasn't sure how we were going to get her there!  I mean, could you really imagine trying to put a kid with a fishing lure in her leg into a car seat!!!! They suggested that we go in the ambulance so that she could lay flat in my lap and not move her leg around. With it so close to her knee cap, he said the less movement would be better.  Plus, we wouldn't have to wait in the waiting room.  That was all I need to hear!  We loaded up in the ambulance and Emily stayed with the neighbors. 
When we got to the ER, Gracie was surprisingly doing great!  As long as I didn't move that is.  I held her as still as I could for an hour and a half.  They numbed up her leg, pushed the hook through the skin (oh my!) and clipped the end and pulled it right out.  Now she screamed and cried while they were doing all that, but as soon as they finished, she said, "Thank You".  After a grape Popsicle and a cup of ice, she was all better.

To say that my nerves were SHOT is an understatement!!!!!   Chris and I talked about how blessed we were that it was something that could be fixed so easily! Accidents can happen so fast even when you are doing your best to prevent them! 
I'm just so glad my baby is okay!!!  Thank you Lord for taking care of us!


  1. Bless her little heart!! I am so glad she is okay.

  2. Oh I am so glad all is well! That was scary for all of you!!!