Sunday, August 8, 2010

Painting with Emily

Last Wednesday, Emily and I had a Girl's Day Out.  Grandmother was sweet enough to watch Gracie so it could be the two of us.  Emily got to choose an activity and she decided on painting pottery.  We did this last year and she loved it.

We painted a little bit, then walked around to see all the stuff they had.  Of course the big round tube of sugar caught Emily's eye.  I see these things everywhere but we have never purchased any of it sugary goodness, but today was all about Emily, so she walked away with the biggest pixie stick I'd ever laid eyes on!!! 

Me and my sweet baby.  I can't believe she starts big school tomorrow! 
I just realized that she is holding a statue of hand.  How funny!

 I was going to let Emily choose whatever it was she wanted to paint, but I had decided that I was going to paint a coffee mug.  I love me some big chunky coffee mugs.  When we got there, Emily went straight to the coffee mugs and said, "Mommy, I want to paint this for you".  What a sweet angel she can be.

An artist I am not, so I just went with a spoon rest for the kitchen.  The front has a red "A", and this is the back...

After we finished painting, we headed to a local sandwich shop because Emily said, "I want to go to the place with the grill cheese.  Okay...coming right up!  While we were there we ran into Emily's friend David from preschool.  I'm a little bummed that David is going to a different school than Emily because he is such a sweet boy and I love his parents.  They will come back together for middle school, so I'm happy about that.  Emily says, "David is such a nice boy, and he is so cute"!

He looks way serious in this picture, but he had just been to get his 5 year old portraits made and he was showing me how he posed. Very good David.

After lunch Emily and I stopped at Aunt Janine's for a quick dip in the pool before getting Gracie.  And last but not least, I promised everyone ice cream.  By the looks of it, Gracie enjoyed hers. 

We are ready for our big day tomorrow.  Emily gets to meet her teacher for the first time, and I'm excited to see her reaction.  I met Mrs. Martinez on Friday, and I do feel like she is the answer to the prayer I prayed all summer.  I got tickled that they only go half days the first week for what the school calls "an easy transition".  I do believe that the "transition" that they speak of is more for the parents than for the children. 

There are a few things that I know.  I know that Emily is ready for "big school".  I know that Emily needs to be around the other children, because she is the happiest when she's around people.  I know that I have prayed for God to keep her safe while she is at school, and my God is faithful, so no worries there!  Now my head is telling me all those things. I just wish someone would break it to my heart!!  I'm just going to miss her so much!! 

Lord, I thank you so much for giving me such a lively and healthy child.  One that keeps me on my toes and makes me realize what good parents I had.  You have given me so many blessing and I just can't thank you enough! 


  1. Oh my word. I know I say this every time but you have the most beautiful children! Painting pottery is so fun and I like how you made it special. She will really appreciate those times when she is older! Good luck with the first day of school. It sounds like she will do great!

  2. Got choked up reading the blog this morning!!! I have thought about you and Emi all weekend! I hope she has a great first day!! Love Jenny