Friday, August 27, 2010

To My Surpise!

 I've always thought of Gracie as "my surprise".  That kind of makes it sound like Gracie was an "oops", but my little sweetie was planned down to the finest detail.  Chris and I knew that when Emily turned 3, we wanted to try to add to our family.  And before you knew it, that was the case.....we we're on our way to being a family of four.  The surprise part comes in because I KNEW I was going to have a boy.  Chris has a sister and I have a brother.  So in my mind I was thinking that our little family would be just the of each. 

Chris had an issue at work the day I had my sonogram, so mother went with me.  I had waited 20 long months to find out what this little joy was going to be and I couldn't wait another day!   We had two names picked out.  William Christopher (Will) for a boy and Grayson Ruth (Gracie) for a girl.  I just knew it was going to be "Will", so when the tech said "Girl", I made her say it again.  When she repeated "girl" I let out the loudest "WhaHoo" you could have imagined.  Two girls!  I just couldn't believe it!  Then I was a little worried.  What if Chris was disappointed that he wouldn't be having a son?  There was no need for worry because the sound of pride in his voice when I told him we would be having ANOTHER girl calmed all my fears.  Gracie Ruth is named after Chris' grandmother and she was a wonderful woman.  I often think about her and I wonder how she would feel about having her great granddaughter named after her.  Gracie Ruth is so blessed to have such a wonderful namesake. 

I hadn't started this blog when Gracie was born, so I'm going to give you a brief stroll down memory lane.


5 months (as you can see, her food was really starting to agree with her)

6 months

10 months

1 year

Gracie Ruth, I can't believe how much you've changed in a year!  You can say anything you want to, and have for quite some time.  My favorite things you've said lately are: "Do it self me", "Birthday Me", and when asked what your name is you say"Gacie Roof". You are a little sassy, but that's okay.  And you have the best little personality.  You love to smile and play.  Since Emily has started school, you've asked about her at least 15 times a day, but that's only because you love her so much.  You are just my pride and joy, and the best little addition to our family.  I'm so blessed to be your mother.  Happy 2nd Birthday!


  1. She is such a joy in my life and I am so happy to be her aunt!! I can not believe how much she has changed!! She is just a doll baby!!
    Happy Birthday Gracie Ruth!!
    I hope you have a very happy birthday!!
    We love you so very much!!

  2. She is a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to Gracie Ruth! my son just turned two on the 26th. =

    in HIM-

  3. Seriously if this child comes up missing, don't get worried it's probably because I have kidnapped her! lol She is absolutely beautiful! I'm just going to let you, and Chris have children for me one day, because both of your children are gorgeous!