Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days

Well, we are officially on our third week of school.  Last week was what I consider the first REAL week because Emily stayed the regular school hours.  Now, Monday was not the best day, but the rest of the week shaped up pretty nicely. 

They had to wear certain colors the past two weeks and here and a few of my favorites.

Yellow.  Thanks Gran for making the shorts (sorry you can't see them, but they are really cute).



We've had homework, which is totally new to us.  Thank goodness it's something I can help her with!  I will probably peek at 3rd grade and then we'll have to hire help.

Had a little craft time.  Emily is all about Christmas as you can see by the picture she is coloring. 

To encourage Emily to follow directions and do all her school work, Chris and I promised her that if she has a good report on all her work at the end of the week we would buy her a Jessie (from Toy Story) doll.  Well, we should have checked the price on those bad boys because they are not cheap!!! Um, $35 to be exact!   And we can't afford a toy like that every week. But we promised, so we went ahead.  We have come up with a new idea.  She gets $5 every week for doing her school work and a few chores we have her do around the house. Now she can save her money and buy what she wants.  We are also starting her a savings account, so hopefully she will learn to save and a little as well. 

Hope your Monday has been a good one!


  1. Taylynn would LOVE that Jessie doll.

    Thanks for the comment on the curtains, they are great, but I still need to sew on a liner for the winter months to block out the cold air.
    I got them from World Market, such a cool store.
    Have a great week!

  2. Those are some really cute pictures. Sophie Clare is in my lap and points at each one and says AWWW!! I think she is pretty fond of her cousins.
    Love you guys!!