Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gracie's First Haircut

 Gracie arrived on this earth with a head full of hair and she is now 2, so she was just about due a haircut.  She has the sweetest little curls in back which has kept me from cutting it before now, but it had just gotten so long, and I knew the time was now for a cut.  I had thought I might trim the ends myself, but every time I tried my hands started shaking, so I decided to go to a pro.  Toni had been my hairdresser for years, now she is Emily's and Gracie's.

Emily went first so she could show Gracie how it's done.

At first Gracie wasn't so sure, but we bribed her with candy and all was well.

You may not can even tell Gracie got her haircut, but it looks just like I wanted it to.  She still has her curls and it's still long.  Just now the little mullet piece is gone.  HaHa. 

She's getting big way too fast! 

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