Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Sunday, we wrapped up our Christmas weekend.  Since our church was only having preaching we decided to go back to our home church.  We surprised my in-laws and I do believe they were glad to see us and it was great to see everyone again. 

My MIL bought the girls matching outfits for Christmas, so we dressed them up.  I just love these outfits!!!  I think it was funny that they all had on a different color bow.

Janine wanted the kids to come up on stage with her and sing "Oh How I Love Jesus".  Emily just sat on the first pew, but Gracie and Braden went right up.  Janine did most of the singing, actually she did ALL of the singing, but they sure looked cute standing up there with her.

We went to eat and then to my in-laws house to visit for a little bit.  Since I didn't get many pictures of anyone else but the girls on Christmas Eve, I wanted to do a group shot like we did at my parents house (its down at the bottom). It took us several tries be we got a good one and I was happy.  To say the girls were grouchy was a HUGE understatement.  That is, my girls were grouchy.  Sophie Clare was just as sweet as could be.  Gracie pushed and grabbed at SC until I just knew it was time to leave and take a  little rest.  But poor Gracie didn't make it down the road before she fell asleep.  When we got home Chris laid her in her bed with her coat on.  

Once everyone rested for a bit, it was time to play some more!!!  The girls had a really good Christmas and I can't believe how blessed we are. 

The Family.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the matching outfits!!! Happy New Year!