Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Falls

In our town they have a park that the city lights up every year. Last year we promised Emily we would take her, but she was sick the whole month of December, so we weren't able to.  But Monday night turned out to be one of the warmest we've had in awhile so we decided to hit The Falls. 

Jenny and her girls were going to go, but the daycare called earlier in the day and Ava had a fever. We hate that they couldn't meet us, but we want AC better so that we can see her on Christmas.  Maggie, Jamie and Sophie Clare met us and we had a great time!!!  It was more crowded than I expected but still totally enjoyable.  I'm so glad we were well enough to go this year!

Gracie and Uncle Jamie

  Me and G

Sweet Sophie Clare

Maggie and G

Em and her Daddy

The Family!!!  We all have crazy eyes, but we have learned, when you take a group shot you take what you can get before everyone gets mad!!!

Can't wait until next year!!!  

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