Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve is my Mother's Birthday.  We always have a big family get together to celebrate her special day and to swap Christmas gifts with the younger kids. We had a great time!  The kids were so fun.  They ran and played, but pretty soon they settled into the movie Santa Buddies.

When we got ready to sing Happy Birthday to Mother, the girls got right in front of her to sing.  They looked like a little choir of angels.

With Ray's birthday later in the week, they sang to him as well.

Jenny and Michael

The kids had fun opening their gifts. 

Have you seen those Yule Log videos? Well, I have and I always thought they were funny.  I mean really, who would sit around with a "fire" on their TV.  This Christmas we did and it was great!!  It played Christmas music in the back ground and made it feel cozy.  All I can say is "Don't knock it til you try it"!

It was so late when we got home and we had to get straight to bed so Santa could come. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and then Chris read the girls The Night Before Christmas.  They were so sweet!

Once everyone was sound asleep, Santa soon came. 

We had the best day spending time with the family.  We laughed and talked and ate!  It was truly a great day!!!

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