Thursday, June 25, 2009

Must Catch Up!!!

The past couple of days have been so busy. Plus my computer hasn't wanted to work with me, so that is why I haven't posted before now. We will have to go all the way back to Father's Day for me to catch up. Emily woke Chris up bright and early to give him his Father's Day present. We gave him money and a pair of flip flops. Chris isn't sure he is a "flip flop" kind of guy,(he better be glad I picked them out because Em picked out a pair that was camouflage and had glitter) but I know he liked the money. On Sunday morning, we are always in a mad dash to make it to Sunday School, after this we were rush..rush..rush.

This was later on in the day, after church. As usual, Emily looks thrilled about getting her picture made.

My house is usually a disaster after the weekend, so on Monday I spent a good part of the day trying to put it back together. While I cleaned, Em painted on her easel. She is quite the artist.

What a masterpiece!!! I think its pretty good for 4 years old!!!!

After lunch on Monday, Gracie had an appointment with Dr. Caldwell about her ongoing ear infections. We want to say thanks to Uncle Jamie for trading appointments with us so that we could go earlier in the day. Once we got there Dr. Caldwell thought the best thing for Gracie was for her to have ear tubes. I figured he might say that and I was pretty excited that he said he could do them the very next morning(the less time I have to think about my baby having surgery, the BETTER!!!)
The next morning, we had to be there bright and early at 6:45 a.m. The hardest part was not giving her anything to drink. But she is such a little trooper, she never complained, which made it a lot easier. Look, she was all smiles when I put her in the car to leave. Poor thing, if she only knew what was about to happen to her.

The surgery lasted about 20 minutes and she did wonderful. The nurses had already warned me that she might me a little wild when they brought her to me, and right they were!!!! Gracie is so laid back, that I have never really seen her mad! But she was a wild woman!! When they gave her to me, she calmed down a little, but every time one of the nurses would come in to check on us, she would go wild again. She cried when we got in the car and as soon as we got some food in her, she got in a MUCH better mood. It has now been 2 days and she seems to be doing great!!!! Having the surgery at the place I use to work really eased my nerves. I felt like she was with family and she was being taken good care of. I'm just glad it's all over!!!

Later on that afternoon, I had to go pick up Em. Her Grandmother came to get her at the Surgery Center and she had a fun filled day at her house. Sophie Clare was also there because her mother, Maggie, works one day a week(lucky her, she has spending money!!). Sophie Clare is a girl on the move!!! While Grandmother was changing her diaper, she was all over the place!! Here she is trying to roll over.

This picture makes me laugh because they are both going after the same toy. You wouldn't believe all the toys that were in the floor, but they wanted the same thing!!!

When we left Grandmother's house, Emily was about dead!!!! She didn't even make it to the bottom of the mountain before she was OUT!!!

Now that Gracie has ear tubes, I can't get water in her ears AT ALL! That is a lot of pressure because look at all that hair!!!! How am I going to wash it without getting water in her ears. The night of her surgery I bathed her in the kitchen sink. At first she wasn't real crazy about it, but she soon was enjoying herself. I still haven't washed her hair. Tonight is the night and I'm still not sure how to do it.

Now that I'm all caught up, I hope you all have a good Thursday!!!

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