Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bed Head!

Now that Gracie can roll over real good, she is sleeping all over her bed!!! In this picture, which I know she will kill me for taking when she gets older, her little behind is sticking straight up in the air!!! And when she sleeps like this, it makes her eyes look like..........

This!!! Just a little puffy in the morning. She gets that from me. Sorry baby!!!

And her hair looks like this!!!

Emily is such a sweet big sister to help Gracie tame that wild mane!!! I hope she is not tell her that when she gets bigger she can run and scream when we try to brush her hair. Which is what Emily does when you try to brush her hair!!! You would think we are killing her!! Oh well, just something else I will pray she'll grow out of!!!

Keep Gracie in your prayers. She has a nasty ear infection that won't go away!!! We went to the Dr. again today, so hopefully third times the charm!!!
Later all!!!!

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