Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

It has been a very busy weekend and it's not ever over!!! Friday, the girls and I had to get out-and-about and do our Father's Day shopping. We went to several places- Academy Sports,Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, and the Walmart by TJMaxx. That is the worst Walmart in the world because it is so big, you can't ever find anything and when you finally locate it, they're all out. And don't even get me started on the cashiers.....Okay, now my rant is over. We were lucky because they had Emily's vitamins. She loves the Princess gummy vitamins and since she has been taking them, I can tell the dark circles under her eyes have gotten a lot better.

I guess Gracie was a little upset she couldn't get any vitamins.

But she got over it pretty fast!!!! I promised her a puppy if she wouldn't get upset. Thank goodness she can't understand EVERY thing I say to her.......or can she? Oh well, to quote Scarlett O'Hara "I will worry about that another day".

When we got home, Emily wanted to ride her new bike, but it was just way too hot for me to take Gracie out. I compromised with her and let her ride her bike in the house. Many of you may think that is crazy, but it's one perk I have for not having a lot of furniture in the kitchen. One day I will have something other than a table and a highchair, then we'll have to cutout the riding in the house.

Later on that evening we went to eat with our good friends Jennifer and Jeff and their girls Carleigh and Avery. Emily loves these two girls!!!! As you can tell, it was kind of hard getting everyone looking at me at the same time.

After we ate, they all came over to the house for a visit. When they left it was BATH TIME! Gracie loves bath time, and I really think that it helps her sleep better at night.

Our nightly routine consist of the 3B's......Bath, Bottle, Bed(in that order). Everyone went to bed for a good night's sleep. We were going to need it for the busy day on Saturday.
On Saturday, we had to get up and get moving. My friend Yvonne's mother passed away and I needed to go to the funeral home. We left there and went to see G-Daddy to wish him a happy Father's Day. As you can see, Gracie was pretty tuckered out from the busy morning. She needed her beauty sleep because she and Emily were going to get their pictures taken by my friend Stephanie.( She is a fabulous photographer and I can't wait to see what she has done with the girls.

It was SUPER DUPER HOT while we were getting our pictures made, so we were very thankful to be back at Gran and G-daddy's house. The girls enjoyed playing around with the toys at Gran's house.

Gracie is already wanting to borrow Big Sister Emily's stuff. If you know Emily, that probably won't fly.

I tried to get a picture of all of us with G-daddy but as you can see, it all fell apart. Emily didn't want to get her picture made....she had had enough. Gracie wanted me to hold her not G-daddy. It didn't go as planned so I will try again another time.

All-in-all it was a good day, but as always I was glad to get home.
Good night all!!!!

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