Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 10 Months Gracie

Gracie's 10 month birthday was actually on Sunday, but it rained and messed up my plan for outside pictures. We had our photo shoot this morning and I had to work real hard to get a few good ones.
I'm telling you this baby is such a sweetheart. Many folks tell me they have never heard her cry, and I hate to brag, but she doesn't much. She is "crawling" everywhere now. Her crawl is like none other I have seen before....it's more like a scoot. She can say Momma, Da Da, Up, Ugh-O, Hello (sometimes), waive bye bye, and clap. I am teaching her to say "one" and hold up her finger....that will be her big trick at her 1st Birthday party. She is sleeping all night, but as soon as I brag on her, she will be up all night. She loves baths and playing with her toys. Her smile could melt the coldest of hearts, and I'm in love with everything about her. Thank you Lord for this beautiful baby!!!

After our photo shoot, I had to get some cleaning done. My sis-in-law, Maggie gives Sophie Clare Popsicle and she says they really keep her busy. Well, anything Maggie does I will try, so I gave Gracie the Popsicle in hopes that I could clean my kitchen.

She liked it for about a second....and then everything went South!!!
Oh well, I guess she didn't like lemon!!! I think where I went wrong was not putting the Popsicle in her teether, but by the time I realized it, she didn't want the teether or the Popsicle. So much for cleaning the kitchen.
Later All!! I hope I have something interesting for you tomorrow.

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  1. You did such a great job on the pics! I love them all. I can not believe poor little G was so upset! Bless her little heart!