Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready for the 4th

Today we got our things together for our July 4th celebration!!! I have wanted an American Flag for the front porch for awhile, so we went to Nelson's Variety Store on Broad Street to find just the one we needed. I love going in that's like an old dime store, right down to the creaky wood floor. Emily loves to look at all the toys....they are just simple toys like the ones we all had when we were little. We really had to look fast because I carried Gracie in instead of putting her in the stroller and my arm was about to fall off. Emily had to have something before we left and her choice was chocolate milk!!! That girls loves her some chocolate milk!!!

After we left Nelson's, we had to make our weekly pilgrimage to WalMart. I do believe this is Mecca to all stay-at-home moms. We had to return some sippy cups that we didn't use and it seemed to take forever. But soon we were shopping and Emily was a big help marking things off of our list.
Once we got home, I had to put up the groceries, feed Gracie, and get her put down for a nap. Gracie woke up and had a little snack. I have been trying to teach her sign language for the word "more". Can you believe she said it and did the sign!!!!! Well, she did 100 times....and when Chris got home she wouldn't do it for love nor money!!! That's just the way it goes!!!
We also played our daily game of "Duck, Duck, Goose". Emily loves it and so does Gracie!!! When Emily starts saying "Duck", Gracie's face just lights up.
I do believe that sisters make the best friends!!!!
Night All!!! Have a good day tomorrow!!!!

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  1. What a SWEET picture!!! I think you are right, sisters do make the best friends. Love, Jana