Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Party

Okay, I debated with myself about posting any wedding pictures over at Kelly's today. A computer wizard I am not, and me trying to scan pictures was totally laughable!!! I got them scanned, but they looks so far away! Chris and I should have waited a couple of years to get married and then we could have had digital pictures. Nah....I'm glad we didn't wait.

Onto the wedding party.

These are my parents, Steve and Sue. Do you count parents as part of the wedding party? Well mine you do because they paid for this whole deal!!! Can I get an Amen on that!! That is my big brother, Jeff, standing beside me. I'm not sure where my husband-to-be,Chris, is in this picture....maybe he was getting cold feet.

Chris was rounded up and made it into his family picture. These are my in-laws Earl and Cheryl and my sister-in-law, Maggie, and brother-in-law Jamie. (See what I mean, too far away).

This was our entire wedding party. We had our closest friends and does everyone, but all of these people are special to us. We don't get to see a few of them as often as we like, but they are always in our thoughts.

This was the sanctuary during the ceremony. I loved all the flowers and greenery. My favorite was the arch of flowers behind the pastor.

Please forgive this next's just so grainy, but I wanted you to see the archway of flowers that were at the back of the church. The picture really doesn't do it justice!!! It was just beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by!!! I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!! Later!


  1. Very pretty dresses for your bridesmaids! I totally agree with you on the parents counting for usre :)

  2. What a pretty wedding. LOVE all the flowers, the arch looks so beautiful.