Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is a day of birthdays around our house!!

I would like to start off by wishing my Daddy a Happy Birthday. I also want to thank him for all that he has done for me over the many years of my life. He worked so that my mother could stay at home with us and worked hard so that could have everything we needed and even some stuff we didn't actually need, but sure wanted real bad!!

People tell us that we are just alike and I can't think of a better compliment. We stand up for what we believe in and aren't to fond of people trying to push us around. When I'm at a place where a hard decision has to be made, he always gives the best advice.

He loves Alabama Football, hunting and fishing, but most of all he loves his family. I've watched him turn into a great G-daddy to his grandkids....they just love him

Daddy, I hope you have a great day today!!! We love you!!

Today is also Gracie's 11 month birthday. We are almost to one!!!! Let's see what she's up to now!!

Gracie you can:
  • You can crawl everywhere!! You are finally crawling the more "conventional" way, but you still like the monkey crawl the best.
  • You are also pulling up on everything and can clean off the tops of the coffee tables with the greatest of ease! You have already broken two of my coasters, but that's okay, Mommy doesn't care.
  • You can say "one" and hold up your finger.
  • You are sleeping all night still, but we have had a few nights of early wake up calls.
  • You are eating "table food". Your faves are pinto beans, green beans, bananas, grapes, grilled cheese, and of course anything with sugar in it, but you don't get to much of that. You also like apple juice and white grape juice.
  • And a big milestone is that you are in a front facing car seat. You reached the 20lb weight requirement several months ago. You are now 25lbs and you needed more room. I can't say you love it, but you'll get use to it.

I love this next picture! Emily use to do the same thing with her elbow and we would just laugh! Just wanted you elbow in the air I guess!!

We hope you all have a great day!!! I know we will!

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