Thursday, July 30, 2009

G-Daddy's Birthday

Tuesday was G-daddy's birthday (the girls call him G-Daddy, I just call him Daddy) . We had a lot to get done before we headed off to the party, so we needed all the energy we could find. We started our day off with some muffins that Emily whipped up herself!!!

Gracie couldn't wait to get her hands on one of those muffins.
After you cook, you have to do the dishes!! Emily got right on the job.

I am getting Gracie highchair pad recovered and I had to get some new material. I had been looking at some yellow damask but when I went to get it, someone had bought the whole role. So we settled with the red damask, just like what we had. The pad is going to be covered in plastic so it won't get so nasty with food .
After that we ran to Walmart to get G-Daddy a present and then off to the party.

Once we got to Gran and G-daddy's, Emily was ready to play in the dirt. A little dirt won't hurt!

While G-daddy was grilling the burgers, he was trying to teach Gracie "Ole McDonald". She really liked the E-I-E-I-O part.

Everyone was excited when Gran got home from work.

Sometimes in life a little rain must fall, but Em was ready with her umbrella.

Not the best picture of Gracie, but Gran looks pretty.

Tessa and I got tickled because both the girls were all about taking pictures. They can take some pretty good ones.

Okay it was Daddy's birthday, but it was like Christmas for Em and Robin.
Here they are awaiting their surprise.

Em got a new Hello Kitty lunch box for school and Robin got a new backpack.

Gran smocked Robin this dress so she could wear it for her first day of school. They go for an orientation day and I know she will be the prettiest one there!!! My mother can sew beautifully and I can't wait to show you the things she has made for the girls.

Well that about sums up Tuesday. I hope you have a great day!!!


  1. Looks like you girls had a great time. I Love that umbrella.....I have to have one!! Where did you get it??
    Love you

  2. Love the Hello Kitty backpack!! Happy Birthday to G-Daddy!

    Your family is beautiful!