Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend

Let me start out by saying. the weather this weekend was wonderful. I don't watch the news(to depressing) so it was a great surprise. It was warm enough during the day to be comfortable and there was a fantastic cool breeze that reminded me of fall!!!! I could feel football in the air!!! I am so ready for a game this year!!! A couple more weeks and I'm hanging the Alabama flag on the front porch.

Our Saturday started off with a bang!! Or shall a say a cry. Gracie woke up at 12 a.m. Saturday morning and she was ready to play. At first it was no big deal, but at 3 a.m. when she still wasn't asleep, I was was not too happy. At 3:30 Emily woke up and then I went and woke up Chris for some backup!!! Everyone went back to sleep at around 4:30 a.m. So to say it was a rough night was an understatement!!! I was going to get up and check out some yard sales for Emily some Barbies, but plans quickly changed.

Chris' parents and Maggie were going to pick the girls up when they were done at the yard sales. They made it here before we all woke up. So we had to hurry and their stuff together.

As soon as they left, Chris and I jumped in the car to check out some bar stools he had found at an antique store. It was a total wasted trip because he thought the stools were priced $85 for two, but they were $85 a piece. I thought that was pretty pricey for two used chairs and when I say used, I mean USED. Oh well, on to the next stop.

We stopped at another antique store just to look around. I found a cute necklace and a whole lot of nothing. I did get to see what it felt like to hold an $800 dog. It was a Yorkie and it was super cute, but not $800 cute!!!! We left there and went to a furniture store to look at some bar stools, but I just decided to save my money and buy all the furniture we want for the the kitchen at one time. So maybe I'll have what I want in about 5 years!!!

After we left the furniture store, I was in a major hurry to get home so that I could take advantage of the wonderful weather. First, I had to stop and get me some reading material.

I sat outside for most of the afternoon soaking up some sun and reading about how this girl dropped 20lbs in four weeks, which I must say, would have to be impossible unless you were sick. I'm a huge Rick and Bubba fan, so I downloaded and listened to the shows I missed during the week.

This weekend they were having a city festival right down the road from our house. Andy Griggs and Rhett Akins played along with several other bands. While they were doing their sound checks during the day, I realized the girls might not be able to sleep at night with all the noise, so Chris and I decided to let them spend the night with his parents. I always dread it when they go, but I do enjoy some "me" time. I didn't pack enough stuff for them to spend the night, so Chris had to run their Sunday dresses and PJs up to them. When he came home, he had a surprise for me....

They were were so beautiful!!! Thank you so much, Chris. I loved them!!!

Saturday night. Chris and I went out to eat "just us"!!! We had the best time!!! We always say that we need to have Date Night once a week, but then the next thing you know the week is over and it's time for Monday again. We laughed and talked and I didn't even think to get a picture of us together. Oh well, maybe next time.

When we got home, the city festival was still going strong. Our neighbors and their kids came over to our house to listen to the music, get ready for the fireworks and play a game called Corn Hole (I think that's what they call it). I took lots of pictures, but none of them really turned out great. It was so dark, and I hated to get right up in everyone's face. Next time I'm going to do better.

This is Chris and Jonathan acting goofy. Chris is acting goofy, not Jonathan.

The fireworks were really pretty!!

This morning we went to church and picked up the girls. I do believe Gracie was excited to see me.
We had a very relaxing day. And this afternoon, I shot a bow for the very first time! It was fun. Now Chris and I can go deer hunting! That would be a big fat NOT!!! But I did enjoy shooting the bow.
I hope you all had a great weekend!!! Mine was perfect!!! Later all!

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  1. Came across your blog today~
    Sounds like a fun weekend. Nice to have a date night ( I get mine on Friday :o) Your kids are beautiful....

    kari@ p.s.