Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Wednesday

Boy did we celebrate some birthdays on Wednesday. The 15th is Chris' cousin Natalie's birthday (I guess you can say she's my cousin too since Chris and I have been married 8 years). We met the family and had a birthday lunch at the Courtyard. It was very good!!

This is Natalie (left) and my sister- in-law Maggie.

After we left The Courtyard, the girls and I headed over to the Mall. When I was pregnant with Gracie, Emily and I would go the Mall once a week, just to get out. It was too hot at the end of July and August to be outside, so the Mall was a good place to be. The only thing is that you have to run the gamut of entertainment for Emily. Get a cookie-Check. Throw money in the fountain (I go to the bank and get a roll of pennies)-Check. Ride the little cars-Check. Ride the
carousel-Check. Now that I have to buy clothes for two, the weekly trips to the Mall have slowed down, so today was a nice little trip for us.
Gracie seemed to enjoy her cookie!

Wednesday night, we went to eat at Cracker Barrel with our neighbors. We were celebrating Mrs. Bertha's 91st birthday.

Emily was worried it would rain, so she was prepared if it did. Sorry it's blurry, the car was moving.

Gracie loves the biscuits at Cracker Barrel. As you can tell, she ate very well Wednesday.

After we ate, we went over to Eddie and Tammy's for a swim.

It was a busy, but fun day. I hope you had a great day too!!!

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  1. Good pics. My daughter has the same water wings :o) They just make the girls look so 'girly'... :o)