Thursday, July 23, 2009

Won't Be Getting Any Mother of the Year Awards After Yesterday!

It's official!! I won't be getting any Mother of the Year Awards based solely on my morning yesterday. It was CRAZY!!!!

As you can see, everyone had a hard time getting the move on yesterday.

We all wanted to lay around but we couldn't. I haven't been to see my parents in a while and we missed them terribly. I can say one thinkg, it's going to be along while before it gets easy getting out the door to go anywhere. Now wonder Jon and Kate were so crabby with each other, it takes a lot of work.
I made a vow that, now matter what, I was going to make the beds every morning. When I went to make up Em's bed, this is what I found....

A melted Popsicle!! Thank goodness it was in this kind of wrapper! She's getting pretty sneaky at getting the Popsicles out of the fridge.
Onto the craziness. I fixed Em's breakfast, and big shocker here, she didn't want it. I made something easy because we were going to eat lunch with my mother very soon. I was determined she was eating it, so I made here sit at the table until she did (I know her grandparents and aunt are dieing right now). Well she was determined that she was not going to eat it because after 45 minutes she had only taken 2 bites. 2 BITES!
It was getting late and I had to get ready, so I left her at the table and took Gracie to the bathroom with me. I got in the shower and did the whole deal of getting ready, all while checking on Em off-and-on the whole time. Granted, she's still not eating.
I came into the kitchen and put Gracie down so that I could get the iron and ironing board out and I see Gracie playing with a bottle of some sort. When I go to pick it up, I see that it is the Princess Gummy Multi Vitamins that I give Em, and what use to be a half full bottle, now had 4!! FOUR!!! After questioning Emily to what has happened, she tells me she pulled her chair over to the cabinet and got them. I asked her where they were and she points to her stomach. There is no number on the bottle to call, so I called the Doctor. They gave the number to Poison Control. POISON CONTROL!!!
While I'm on the phone with Poison Control, Gracie is crawling around in the living room. She is everywhere now and is pulling up on everything. I'm standing there watching her and can see that she is about to grab the lamp. I couldn't get to her in time and she pulled it off on her!!! (see what I mean, no awards here).
Everyone is okay!!! Gracie was just scared and PC said Emily would be fine. I just can't give her any vitamins for a week. With a laugh, I told the lady on the phone, I didn't have anymore to give her!!! They gave me a few other instructions and that was about it. So can you say WHAT A MORNING!!!

I got much better once we finally got in the car. We met Gran for lunch. Then went to see G-Daddy.
Gran got Emily a new pair of shoes for school!!! She loved them!
G-Daddy made Gracie a hat, but she wasn't lovin' it.

Em's trying to help G-Daddy see the little print on the paper.

And we were all excited when Gran got home form work!!!
All-in-all, it ended up to be a great day. After the visit, we came home and played and everyone went to bed EARLY!!!
Can't wait to see all the Wedding Dresses over at Kelly's tomorrow.
Later all!!!


  1. One of those - can we start today over again? please. Glad the kiddos are all right. We all have those days - most just don't share them and admit it :o) Hope today is better!

  2. Bless your did have one of those mornings!! Glad everyone is okay!!

  3. Bless your heart! What a day! If it makes you feel any better I think PC knows our families name by heart...LOL!

    PS....Love the wedding Dress!