Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Great Day of Doing Nothing!!

I woke up this morning with going to the pool on my mind. But sometimes plans change, so we had a day of doing nothing and it was great!!!

The girls woke up in great moods and Emily even let Gracie play with her toys. This is the first time they have ever sat and played with each other quietly. It warmed my heart to see Emily sharing (which if you know Emily, that is something she never does) and talking to Gracie and telling her about every toy. I just watched them for good long while. Then of course, I had to take a picture.

When I decided to do this blog, I knew it would contain the good, the bad, the ugly parts of being a stay at home mom. A real BAD part is that I am not great at organizing. Never have been.

One blessing we have in our new, almost year old house, is that we have a playroom. Most of the toys we have, and we have too many, stay in this room. We have a basket of toys in the in the living room, and when it gets full, I haul it back up to the playroom. I have been known to stand at the bottom of the stairs and throw stuff up to the top. (I'm sure my mother is dying reading this) As you can tell, I do NOT clean this room every day. To me, that is the benefit of it being out of direct sight!!! But every now and again, it just gets too out of had...and today was that day!

I had to take a before and after picture!!

Of course this is the before!!

And here is the after. Not much better, but at least you can walk with out killing yourself. There needs to be a great exodus of stuff, but why get rid of it just to buy more!!

After the Great Playroom Cleanup of 2009, I had to run some stuff to the Post Office. While we were getting ready, Emily informed me that was her mad face.

I got tickled because if you know Emily like her family does, you know this is not her mad face. Well she didn't like the fact that I was laughing and I got the opportunity to take a picture of her mad face.

Now that's more like it!!

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I LOVE our neighborhood. Our neighbors Tammy and Landon have been at VBS all week, so tonight they came over to our house for pizza. Landon, Em, Gracie and I went to get the pizza and after we ate, we met outside for our weekly "neighborhood meeting".

This is the infamous Landon. This boy is a mess for the word go!!! He won this bicycle for bringing the most kids to Bible School!!! Now that'll get you motivated!!!

I told you Gracie can say the word "more" and do the sign.... well I got it on camera. Last night we sat outside with Mrs. Bertha and Henrietta (some more neighbors) and they gave Gracie a piece of cake. And yes she ate the whole piece (Chris did take a few bites). Well Little G was up until 10:00 and I know it was because of that cake!! When Mrs. Bertha asked Gracie if she wanted some "more" cake, she said the word and did the sign. Everyone laughed and cheered, so she kept right on doing it. I do believe that's pretty smart for a 10 month old!!

This is Tammy. She would let me get any closer with the camera.

This is Mrs. Bertha and Henrietta. They just love us and we love them. Henrietta buys Emily her favorite drinks and buys snacks they know she'll like. They have her spoiled already.

Like I said, we had the best day of doing nothing!!!

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